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Dear Physique Athlete,

I'm betting that you're here because having a cut up, balanced, and well conditioned physique is the way you see yourself experiencing life. Maybe you even see your physique, as your art; a never ending process that in my opinion can be the greatest motivator of all. If you get where I'm coming from, we both have the same passion. You see I've considered myself a physique athlete for as long as I can remember. Just recently, I wrote an eBook on this very topic; Physique Athlete Guide 1.0, which you may have heard about. And if you haven't, I'd like to give you a free copy, all you need to do is just go to www.physique-athlete.com

But, while you and I likely share the same physique goals, the truth is, years ago I was a serious competitive bodybuilder and have been involved in the sports nutrition business for many years. I mention these things only to make a point. That is, after all these years, what I'm most excited about is this new era of 'Physique' which the entire fitness industry is literally buzzing about. I'd even say this is THE biggest rift to ever hit the fitness business, and for good reason. Given the chance, most guys would prefer to have an aesthetically pleasing and conditioned physique, rather than attempt to look like Mr. Olympia. No offense to these incredible athletes or bodybuilding in general -- I had bodybuilding aspirations too. The point is, it's about time the art of physique made a comeback, so we can get attention for the right reasons, and help erase the stigma that says; "having a decent amount of muscle means you're a daredevil, reckless with your health, and your goals are totally out of reach".

I think you know what I'm talking about. You are part of this movement. And no doubt, many of you aspire to develop your best body or even gain notoriety as top physique competitors, celebrity fitness models and successful personal trainers. Here's the deal, serious physique athletes like you is why my partner and I decided to create Myotropics Physique Nutrition. We're on a mission to deliver relevant information, the most effective, efficient and easy to use nutritional products that enhance body composition, specifically for physique athletes. It's not just a mission, it's a promise and we're committed to earning your trust by proving that to you.

Admittedly, unless you're delusional, putting out the very best information and products is a tall order. But, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to team up with renowned metabolic expert Dr. Scott Connelly. Scott is the inventor of Original MET-Rx and Founder, MET-Rx companies. Scott was also referred to as the "Father Of Modern Nutritional Supplements" by Sports Illustrated in 2009. Of course, I realize that as a physique athlete, an article in Sports Illustrated likely means nothing. But, what I think is important for you to know, is Scott's celebrated reputation for putting out legitimate products. Scott's stellar reputation rings true among the most prominent scientists and "experts" to ever participate in this field, and among the most demanding consumers who insist on results. Simply put, Scott is one of the most respected product innovators and scientific minds this business has ever known.

I thought convincing Scott to get involved would be pretty easy, but he resisted at first. I told myself he'd jump on the idea, since he's spent over 35-years researching how nutrition and training can improve the composition of your body, and this passion was born out of his love of weight training. But, it wasn't until Scott learned more about this new direction of attainable physiques, and realized how this movement will get more people into weight training and nutrition, did he say, "let's go for it". Together, Scott and I want to to transform your nutrition program into one that will change your body composition, simpler, faster and easier than ever.

All that said, we make no apologies for stating we're sure you'll be impressed with our first product; Physique 2.0 which was developed to do one job extremely well, that is; positively influence the composition of your body. Scott call's it Repartitioning Substrate Technology, and I believe it really does represent the state of the art for his breakthrough concept "nutrient partitioning", which is basically how your body stores energy namely as; lean muscle or bodyfat.

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