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Matt Christianer

IFBB Pro Matt “Swoll” Christianer  IFBB Pro/Fitness Entrepreneur / Model/ Actor

Age: 28  10-15-83
Matt “Swoll” Christianer The 1st IFBB Men’s Physique Pro in History!
Matt Christianer was born and raised in Warren, Ohio. He relocated with his family to Payson, Arizona in 1999. At under 100 pounds, Matt started training at the local gym and was determined to transform his physique. Several years passed, and as Matt started to find his stride when tragedy hit. As age 17, he was in a near fatal car accident breaking his femur and hip he had to be airlifted nearly 100 miles to a Scottsdale hospital. He underwent numerous surgeries and pins were placed in his leg and hip. He also experienced extensive head and facial trauma. During this time, Matt’s desire and dedication was the lowest it had ever been.
Matt made a decision during this challenging time that this accident was not going to hold him down. From that point forward, Matt made it his goal to walk again. He resolved to not let anything stand in his way. It was a long road, but his resolve was at its strongest. When he was able, Matt worked out at the local gym to strengthen his upper body while in a wheelchair. After some time, he was able to gradually move from wheelchair to crutches.
Matt’s upper body yearned to train, but as he was still dependent on crutches his legs began to atrophy. 1 1/2 years later, his bones healed and he had the pins removed from his hip. Matt began the tedious journey of making his physique into something that he had always dreamed.
In 2004, Matt studied to become a certified personal trainer and received his accreditation from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI). He began training clients shortly thereafter. Matt yearned to further challenge himself. At the age of 26, Matt competed in his first bodybuilding competition. In 2009, at the NPC Western Regionals he stepped on stage as a novice middleweight and both his classes. This solidified Matt’s desire to compete.
In 2010, Matt went on to compete at the USA’s as a middle weight Bodybuilder. In 2011, came the announcement of the Men’s Physique division. Matt felt this new division was his niche with fitness modeling in his background. He stepped on stage regionally taking 2nd qualifying him for the Jr. USA’s. On May 22nd, Matt entered a new era of fitness as the first IFBB Men’s Physique Pro , winning his class as well as the overall.
Matt looks to give back to the industry that has given him so much. He loves networking and meeting all types of competitors, whether bikini, physique, bodybuilding or supportive fans. Their drive fuels his dedication to the sport and his desire to do what is needed to be successful and achieve his goals.
While Matt keeps his training, diet and schedule all in check, he would like to take the time to thank his numerous supporters. Matt looks forward to the competing in the IFBB, as he continues his quest to be the best he can be. You can see him at the  first MP Pro show March 24th in Sacramento (Governor’s Cup), Jon Lindsay’s (LA Gran Prix) April 14th and numerous IFBB Pro shows throughout the year. Follow him on his journey to follow his dreams and inspire many along the way.
Matt “Swoll” Christianer  IFBB Pro / C.P.T./ Model
Matt is the 1st ever IFBB Pro in Men’s Physique history! He is a former National Level Bodybuilder and personal trainer for competitors across the country. His goal is to spread inspiration and help others with their fitness dreams and goals while becoming a legend in the industry.
•    Men’s Physique IFBB Pro
•    NPTI Certified Personal Trainer
•    Extreme Physique Endorsed Athlete
•    Professional Fitness Model
Competition Accomplishments
2009 – NPC Arizona Western Regional – 1st place Novice Middleweight, 1st place Open Middleweight
2010 – USA National Championship – Competed as a Middleweight
2011 – NPC Natural Western Regional – 2nd Place Class A Men’s Physique Division
2011 – Jr. USA’s – 1st place Class A (Pro card winner) and Overall Winner of the Men’s Physique Division
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