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Myotropics Athletes…Dedicated To Inspire

Tommy Reynolds

To motivate myself I think about what I want to accomplish with my body and my career in the fitness industry––and that I am responsible for the example I set for others. I know my actions speak louder than words, and that impacts all the people I don’t ever want to let down, my coach, my girlfriend, and my clients.  I’m too prideful to just fail so I work extra hard to make sure I don’t let anyone down. [..»]

Ian Lauer

Ian grew up on a small town in Ohio.  He never thought back then that he would someday be a sponsored athlete with a great supplement company such as Myotropics. He was athletic as a youngster, and after earning a Black Belt in karate, put his discipline to use, becoming a starting football and track champion during highschool. Ian also led his college track team as captain and 4x100M NCAC Champion. He has been awarded 1st Team All-NCAC and honorable mention All-American Linebacker, and has led a successful career in both acting and stunt performance, as a lead character Batman at national Six Flags theme parks.[..»]

Matt Christianer

Matt Christianer was born and raised in Warren, Ohio. At age 17, he was in a near fatal car accident breaking his femur and hip. He underwent numerous surgeries and pins were placed in his leg and hip,and also experienced extensive head and facial trauma. Over 1 1/2 years later, Matt began the tedious journey of making his physique into something that he had always dreamed. In 2010, Matt entered a new era of fitness as the first IFBB Men’s Physique Pro , winning his class as well as the overall.[..»]

Erick Minor

Personal trainer and strength coach, Erick Minor, is a leading expert in the fields of athletic preparation, muscle gain, and fat loss. A lifelong athlete, Erick is driven to achieve optimal results for himself and his clients. With over 19 years of experience in strength training and an extensive background in kinesiology, nutrition, and supplementation; Erick is recognized as an innovator in the fitness industry. [..»]

Francine Sablan

Born and raised in Saipan, a tiny island in the south pacific, Francine and her family moved to sunny San Diego when she was just thirteen. It was in high school that she realized her love for being active! She decided to join the cheer squad and was able to develop the skills needed for that sport. She learned the importance of being fit and healthy.[..»]

Adelfo Cerame

Adelfo started weight training very young and began playing football at the age of 12. He got into bodybuilding until after a severe car accident that left him a t-12 paraplegic. After about a year post-injury, he wanted to find an outlet to feed the hunger for competition, and showcase his athleticism. He found exactly what I was looking for in wheelchair bodybuilding, and continues to push the boundaries of athleticism. [..»]

Angel Cordero

Angel has been training for the past ten years with great success. His biggest role model is his father, a bodybuilder himself, who inspired him to pursue a career in fitness. His primary goal is to be the first MP Olympian, and become a household name in the Physique community. [..»]